Interwine Consultant is about helping wineries overcome the challenges the when entering and expanding the Chinese market, and offer the latest news of Chinese market. Our teams of experienced and bilingual staff are well versed in the Chinese market and will offer you the best services to expand your business in China.

Interwine Consultant
- We are based on Guangzhou, the city in the top 1 province Guangdong in China in terms of GDP. Guangdong is the largest trade center for export and import in China and the largest wine import center in China.

- We can provide you with the services around the Interwine Exhibition to make a business with a more efficient way. You can also choose our long-term services to expand your business in China.
Take the steps to help your winery increase business. I'll create a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs and budget.  I will assess your current sales and marketing programs, address any weak and/or missing areas, and create and implement a plan to help you reach your target goals for success!
Interwine Consultation 2019.pdf
We devote to help you in Chinese market!

Silvester BEJKO
+86 183 20 07 97 46

Canton Universal Fair Group Ltd.
Add: 4107-4118, 41/F, Building B4, Wanda Plaza,
No.381 Hanxi Avenue East,
Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

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